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Invited Speakers:

  • Om Ahuja
    Talk Title: Complex Interplay of Analytic and Harmonic Mappings in the Plane 
  • Ion Chiţescu
    Talk Title: Two  Ways to Fractals
  • Maslina Darus
    Talk Title: Some Results Related to Subordination
  • Gabriela Kohr
    Talk Title: Herglotz Vector Fields and Univalent Mappings on the Unit Ball in C^n
  • Sanford S. Miller
    Talk Title: An Extension of Briot-Bouquet Differential Subordinations with an Application to Spirallike Functions
  • Milutin Obradović
    Talk Title: On Some Recent Results in the Theory of Univalent Functions
  • Yasar Polatoglu
    Talk Title: An Investigation of q-Starlike Functions of Order Alpha